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Grades 6-8: Taking Action to Solve the Challenge of Plastics

The themes of these modules touch on the prevalence and impact of plastics in everyday life. Plastics are versatile materials that come in different shapes, sizes, and exhibit different material properties. Scientists and engineers are working on new ways to create, use, and recycle plastics, so we can use plastics for their many advantages and lessen their effects on our environment.

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Curriculum Introduction and Overview

The Plastic Past: Rise of the World’s Most Popular Material

  • Polymer Science Inquiry Activity: Pitch Your Material 

  • Youth as Change Agents Activity: Youth-driven projects

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Module 2

The Plastic Present: Inescapable Impacts of Polymers

  • Polymer Science Inquiry Activity: Confessions of a Plastic Water Bottle 

  • Youth as Change Agents Activity: Youth-driven projects

Module 3

The Plastic Future: Search for Alternatives and Renewables

  • Polymer Science Inquiry Activity A: Buy, Sell, Create

  • Polymer Science Inquiry Activity B: Create HydroPods!

  • Youth as Change Agents Activity: Youth-driven projects