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Polymer Science Exploration Activities

The Polymer Science Exploration Activities are designed to provide additional learning opportunities for groups. Click here for more.

Test Tubes and Beakers

Video Resources
Meet a Scientist: Teli Zografos, Polymer Chemist
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Meet a Scientist: Stephanie Liffland, Polymer Chemist
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Big Question: Can we make plastics sustainable?
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Chemists work up new formulas for greener plastic - Science Nation
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Meet our scientists, learn about sustainable polymers, and prompt discussions with your students by sharing our video resources.

Sustainable Polymers 101

The NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers (CSP) recognizes that the field of sustainable polymers is a very active, broad, and diverse area of research. This page covers general information for sustainable polymers, their industrial implications, recycling and degradation, and their future. 

Gloved hand holding sustainable plastic foam.
Youth in chemistry class.


Looking for more resources and sustainable programming for your students? Check out these sites: 


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